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Our Process

  1. Contact us via call, text, or email to arrange a time to meet wherever the project will take place.​

  2. Upon visiting the location, we will assess the area and further discuss your vision and home improvement needs. Here, we will measure for plans and start to work on a design drawing and list of materials.

  3. We will quote you an estimate for materials and labor and send to you along with the drawing plans.

  4. Once you approve of the proposal, a check covering 1/3 of the total estimate is needed.

  5. We will then schedule a week to start your project. 

  6. We will search for the straightest and best quality wood materials available and deliver them ahead of time to be ready for construction.

  7. We allocate 10-15% waste of materials, so if there is anything remaining at completion of the project, you are welcome to use them for other projects or I will remove from your property.

  8. Final payment is due at the agreed completion. 

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